Industry: Residential Cleaning Services

IREP is a strong proponent of responsible debris removal. The company specializes in junk removal and proper disposal. Operating since 2012, IREP is a Texas based, family owned business. IREP serves the greater Austin area.


The client was looking for a US-based Executive Virtual Assistant who can manage phone calls, scheduling, data entry, electronic filing, and some social media posting.

Executive Virtual Assistant

30 hours per week


LFVS provided three qualified candidates per position along with their resumes, Loom videos, and personality test called “Talent Selfie.”

The client conducted the final interview process with the three candidates and chose who among them is perfect for the Executive Virtual Assistant role.

LFVS continuously provided support to the Virtual Assistant and IREP through check-ins. LFVS’ unique matchmaking through a personality test called “Talent Selfie” brought significant impact to IREP.

IREP’s Virtual Assistant has been working with them for 7 months now.



  • After 60 days, sales was up by at least 30% from prior year because of her Virtual Assistant.
  • The Virtual Assistant collects all data that was being missed and provides accurate numbers.
  • The Virtual Assistant influenced the other employees to max out their time and ability.

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“Nicole is an example of what every great assistant should be. It has been the best decision and I love how LFVS perfectly matches a VA to the business owner’s needs. She observes our workflow with great detail and pivots when we need to. An absolute dream! I look forward to her taking on more responsibility in 2022.”
Kelly Johnson