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Amber McClure



I’ve seen first hand how much work and time goes into running a construction/trades business. There aren’t enough resources out there for tradespeople and they have just as much to do on a daily basis as any other small business. For this reason, I knew that I had to create a company to specifically help tradespeople.

As the daughter of a tradesman, I know how difficult it is to do all the admin tasks while maintaining your business. I’ve experienced it myself on the many occasions I went to help my father at his job sites.

Amber McClure

Looking back, one of the most memorable times was when we were up on top of a roof and he got a phone call. My dad, instead of trying to run down the ladder fast enough to get pen and paper, wrote the address and the phone number of his client in the dust on the back of the AC unit.

During that time his response was, “If you don’t answer the phone you’ll lose work. Answer the phone and get the information for the next job.”

One of the things I remember him saying all the time was that if he could have somebody at the office to answer the phone, take down client information, and schedule appointments, then he would have been able to get the jobs done faster. Therefore would have had the opportunity to receive more work. More importantly, he would have been able to focus more on the on-site work instead of doing every other task by himself.

It was for this reason that I made it my mission to help tradespeople get rid of the overwhelming tasks by offering affordable virtual assistance services.

You don’t have to hire a full-time employee and add the hiring process to your worries.

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In 2020, LFVS established its virtual assistance company with the primary purpose of helping small business owners manage their business operations smoothly. How? By hiring a support team to operate administrative, creative, recruitment, and technical functions. LFVS made its mission to help its clients remain “business as usual” and let them focus on their on-site tasks. With this intention, being able to provide the support to make a client’s business prosper is an honor. From a company of less than 10, LFVS grew by 21 and is continually increasing. Now, we have you as an additional ally to continue this advocacy.

By the end of 2021, LFVS envisions offering quality yet affordable virtual assistance provided by high-caliber VAs who are proclaimed to be Limitless, Fundamental, Vigilant, and Specialized. Hence, we are targeting to fill in at least 50% of the vacant positions to provide our growing clients the best service we could offer. We envision ourselves to be one of the highly recognized VA companies and to attain this we need people sharing the same belief.

Our Mission & vision

LFVS advocates to help small business owners manage their business operations smoothly with the aid of our highly skilled VAs. We strive to offer affordable services without impairing their qualityOur mission includes providing our team with the same energy we put into providing quality service with our clients for them to “live free.”

  • Be included as one of the highly recognized virtual assistance companies in the construction/trade industry. Ultimately, one of the goals is to solicit more clients.
    which will in turn generate more business for the
  • Maintain its company name “live free” and remain incorporated into its freelancers’ work experience in the organization.
  • Offer online courses for aspiring virtual assistants to be coached by our rockstar VAs!

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