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We commit to providing a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and professionals to connect with the global community and thrive in their work, living free.

"At Live Free Virtual Services, we believe in living life to the fullest. We provide innovative virtual services that allow business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on their passions while we take care of the rest."

My name is Amber McClure, founder of Live Free Virtual Services. This company was established out of my personal need for quality virtual assistance services. But first, allow me to share my story so you understand why I am passionate about my work.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been in the business industry as my father was a tradesman—a one-person show. And I remember going to job sites with him and seeing how hard he worked. He did everything himself – from marketing and sales to accounting and bookkeeping. Not to mention, he was also the one who went out on site to do the actual work. It was a lot for one person to handle.

Looking back, I knew that situation was not ideal, but I did not realize there was a solution. That is until I started my own business and learned about virtual assistants.

I have over ten years of experience in the insurance industry and was so good at it that I decided to open an agency in 2019. I enjoyed helping people and successfully got referrals and new clients. However, even though I was good at my job, it took a toll on my personal life. I worked late nights and weekends, and I could never get out of the office on time to pick up my kids from school or make it to family dinners. My husband started expressing his concerns about how much time I spent at work and how little time I spent with our family.

I knew he was right, but I did not know how to fix the situation.

I am a mother to five children, so I understand how important it is to have a work-life balance. And I knew that if I did not find a way to make things work, I would end up sacrificing my family for my career.

I considered hiring someone to help me with my insurance business, but to do that, I would need to get them licensed, and trained and teach them my strategies. I did that, but they always left before they even started selling. I went through this cycle three times, costing me a lot of money and time. My final attempt was with my daughter (I do not recommend this either), but she left too.

One day my husband found an advertisement on Facebook for an insurance virtual assistant; he shared it with me and suggested that I try this avenue. I was like, how am I going to train them? How will I hear how they talk to my clients and make sure things are perfect? He said, “I don’t think you have any other choice; you work all the time and have no time for our family.”

I agreed to try the VA (Virtual Assistant) thing, which was terrifying! I was constantly worried that something was not getting done or that she was not doing it right. I had no idea what she was doing or if she was even working. I had to let her go after just a few weeks; this was not working.

I decided to try this again, but I planned to do it differently this time. I set up systems and processes to monitor my VA’s work to ensure they meet my standards. It was unlike the first time; my VA was outstanding, we had a process in place to ensure that we were constantly on the same page, and she quickly became an invaluable part of my business. It was the best decision I ever made; and I started to think why can’t every business owner have a virtual assistant?

Why did I start Live Free Virtual Services? After experiencing firsthand the benefits of working with a virtual assistant, I am passionate about helping other business owners grow their companies. I can help by providing them with high-caliber virtual assistants who can accomplish various tasks without all the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee; why hire an employee if they do not need to go that route?

I have the perfect solution for you if you are like me and understand the importance of work-life balance. Virtual assistants can help you manage your business, granting you with time to focus on what is important – your family.

Finding the right virtual assistant can be daunting, but I am here to help. I have a team of highly skilled and experienced virtual assistants who are ready to help you grow your business. So, book a discovery call today to learn more about how my team can help you achieve your goals.


LFVS established its virtual assistance company with the primary purpose of helping small business owners manage their business operations smoothly.
By the end of 2021, from a company of less than 10, LFVS grew by more than 20 talented and multi-skilled virtual assistants and is continually increasing. 
LFVS continues to strive in providing exceptional assistance to business owners and clients through innovation, customer success, and research.
In the next 5 Years
LFVS envisions offering quality yet affordable virtual assistance provided by high-caliber VAs to be recognized as a world-class virtual assistance company.

Our Mission & vision

LFVS advocates to help small business owners manage their business operations smoothly with the aid of our highly skilled VAs. We strive to offer affordable services without impairing their qualityOur mission includes providing our team with the same energy we put into providing quality service with our clients for them to “live free.”

  • Be included as one of the highly recognized virtual assistance companies in the construction/trade industry. Ultimately, one of the goals is to solicit more clients.
which will in turn generate more business for the
  • Maintain its company name “live free” and remain incorporated into its freelancers’ work experience in the organization.
  • Offer online courses for aspiring virtual assistants to be coached by our rockstar VAs!

Our Four Pillars

The principles we celebrate and promote

Live Free Virtual Services Core Pillars are Limitless, Fundamental, Vigilant, and Specialized. These four are what our Virtual Assistants embody to represent themselves as part of Live Free community.

First Pillar


There is no limit to what a business is able to achieve. As a world-class Virtual Assistance agency, we are able to provide you the resources needed to help your business thrive.

Second Pillar


Your business's core structure is essential in achieving your long term goals. Let Live Free Virtual Services be the foundation of your business so you can focus on what led you to taking this business journey.

Third Pillar


One of Live Free Virtual Services tasks is to seek and provide your business with exceptional and quality opportunities.

Fourth Pillar


Live Free Virtual Services takes the time to gather our client’s strengths and needs while conducting analysis on virtual assistants. This allows us to match according to strength levels.

Our Team

Dedicated to helping you grow your business!


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