These roles within the Business Management Services category at Live Free Virtual Services offer a wide range of support tailored to meet each client’s unique needs, ensuring efficient operations and strategic growth.

Business Management

Operations Manager
Department Coordination: Collaborating with department heads for smooth operations.

Operational and Financial Planning: Strategizing for financial growth.

Quality Control: Ensuring quality measures and data-driven decisions.

Strategic Preparation: Contributing to strategic planning and growth opportunities.

Stakeholder Management: Managing relationships with key stakeholders.
Marketing Manager
Developing Strategies: Defining and developing marketing strategies.

Implementing Campaigns: Coordinating and optimizing marketing initiatives.

Managing Branding: Maintaining brand identity and communication efforts.
Executive Virtual Assistant
Schedule Management: Managing schedules and calendars for executives.

Communication: Handling executive communications and correspondence.
Project Management: Assisting with project management and decision-making.
Account Manager
Client Relationships: Scheduling meetings and maintaining client relationships.

Smooth Onboarding: Coordinating onboarding processes.

Ongoing Support: Serving as the primary contact for clients and providing support.
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