Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to frequently asked questions from what is a virtual assistant to the hiring and application process.

A Virtual Assistant can work remotely from nearly anywhere globally to support a company’s business operations. Unlike the traditional assistants, they don’t need to have a physical office which makes it more cost-effective and efficient both for the business owner and the virtual assistant. A business owner can stay on their job site while the Virtual Assistant works their magic for their business.

Live Free Virtual Services (LFVS) Virtual Assistants can do various tasks to keep your business running. LFVS Virtual Assistants will be your support team. They will manage your business’ general administrative tasks such as generating a report, responding to email inquiries, calendar appointments, customer service, content creation for various social media platforms aiming for better market engagement, and much more. LFVS Virtual Assistants are experts in Administrative Services, Creative Services, Technical Services, and Online Business Management.

You may check out the Services page on our website for more detailed descriptions of what we offer.

In Live Free Virtual Services, we advocate helping small business owners focus on their business by designating administrative tasks and business support operations to our virtual assistants. It’s a win for you because we offer affordable virtual assistance and cost-efficient business operations.

Finding the best fit to help you manage your business is easy. We schedule a meeting to learn more about you and your business’ needs and we find qualified candidates for you to choose from. You then select which Virtual Assistant best fits your needs and they get to work.

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Once you choose your virtual assistant, we will provide their contact details with you to discuss how they can support your business or company’s plans and visions. You both must know the basic information of your business to achieve your target sales.

You may reach us at 1(512) 515-1616, by email at info@LiveFreeVirtualServices.com or send us a message on our website. You also have the freedom to pick a date and book an appointment with us should you need further clarification.

At Live Free Virtual Services, we are constantly looking for passionate virtual assistants ready to join our team.

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If you are interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant with Live Free Virtual Services, you will need a good quality computer laptop or desktop updated on virus protection software. Other vital requirements are access to a high-speed internet connection and a backup plan for a power outage or poor connection.

When you find the proper position in our contract job listings, the application process is easy. Upload your current resume, fill in some basic information about yourself and submit! Expect to hear back from our hiring team within 1-2 business days and if you meet the requirements for the contract position you applied for, you’ll join our rockstar team!