These roles encompass a wide range of financial services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your clients, providing them with professional and efficient support in managing their financial operations. Whether it’s handling invoices, maintaining financial records, or processing payroll, Live Free Virtual Services offers the expertise to ensure that these critical tasks are handled with precision and care.

financial management

Accounts Payable Virtual Assistant
Invoice Processing: Experienced in receiving, verifying, and processing invoices from vendors.

Record Maintenance: Maintaining records of invoices, receipts, and payment documents.

Payment Disbursements: Managing the timing and accuracy of payments, including preparing batches and disbursing funds.

Additional Tasks: Handling year-end closing, generating reports, and improving accounts payable processes.
Accounts Receivable Virtual Assistant
Maintaining Records: Updating and maintaining records of customer accounts.

Generating and Sending Invoices: Preparing and generating invoices for products/services.

Following Up on Payments: Monitoring customer payments and communicating regarding payment issues.

Additional Tasks: Recording customer payments and preparing financial reports.
Bookkeeper Virtual Assistant
Recording Financial Transactions: Entering and categorizing financial transactions into accounting software.

Reconciling Accounts: Performing bank reconciliations and verifying the accuracy of financial data.

Generating Financial Reports: Preparing and analyzing financial statements.

Additional Tasks: Managing accounts, processing payroll, assisting with budgets, and conducting financial analysis.
Payroll Processing Virtual Assistant
Employee Data Management: Handling employee data and tracking changes like new hires, terminations, etc.

Payroll Calculation and Processing: Calculating and processing payroll, including employee wages, salaries, bonuses, etc.

Compliance and Reporting: Staying updated on payroll-related laws and preparing tax reports.

Additional Tasks: Handling payroll inquiries, preparing payroll-related documents, and resolving payroll issues.
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