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Live Free Virtual Services is dedicated to helping busy small business owners grow their business by pairing them up with a Rockstar Virtual Assistant (VA) who is matched perfectly to their needs.

Administrative Services

We provide you assistance with answering phone calls, responding to emails, conducting research, and managing schedules.


Marketing Virtual Assistance Services is a service that provides content creation, email management, and social media management.

Financial Management Services

We help business owners with bookkeeping, managing budgets, and preparing tax returns.

Business Management Services

Business administration assistance is a service that supports businesses in the day to day operations.


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Step 1: Learn About YOU
Discovery Call

Get to know our strategy first-hand. Our Discovery Call is one's turn to learn more about our virtual assistant services and how we can help grow your business. We'll talk about the issues that matter most to you, and how we can help you scale for success.

Step 2: Live free business
growth assessment
Business Model Assessment

Live Free Business Growth Assessment (LFBA) is a highly technical and sophisticated tool used by our team of skilled, business-minded professionals to understand your challenges and identify potential growth opportunities. The results from this tool will help provide you with a growth strategy that is customized for your needs.

Step 3: Pick Your
Perfect Match
Interview Your Ideal Candidates

Our recruitment experts begin the process of matching suitable virtual assistants based on your specific requirements. We will provide you with the top three candidates according to your business needs, including a PDF containing the compiled profiles, personality, and skillset for you to examine.

Once you have a clear picture of whom you need, schedule an interview with your ideal candidates and choose the best fit for your company, brand, and culture.

Step 4: Kickoff Call
Meet & Greet with your Virtual Assistant

You're excited to get started, but you've got to make sure the virtual assistant you're working with is ready to roll.

That's where this Kick-Off call comes in. The Kick-Off call is the first meeting between you and your virtual assistant. The meeting is an opportunity to get to know your virtual assistant and discuss everything that will guide the project to success. We'll handle the whole process of getting everyone on the same page, so you can focus on what matters: your business.

Step 5: Strategy Session
Planning & Organizing

If you want your virtual assistant (VA) to do the work for you, it’s essential to define tasks and write down even the most minuscule details; this is accomplished during our Strategy Session.

In a one-time, 2-hour initial intensive session with your virtual assistant, we will map out a list of things you need to consider when having your VA take action. Not only will you have a clear and intentional map of your next moves, but this will also help you keep your tasks up to date and track progress against your baseline. This will also help you establish a solid foundation, scope the milestones and key deliverables, and define roles before your virtual assistant begins executing.

Step 6: Success Calls
Success Calls with YOU and Your Virtual Assistant

We perform Success Calls with our clients and virtual assistants as our way to touch base with them. We take the time to listen to their concerns, ask questions about their challenges, and learn about projects that they are currently working on.

We do not simply ask or tell questions during these calls; rather, we listen carefully and allow them to speak freely without interruption or judgement. This allows us to better understand what they need so that we can provide it as quickly as possible. By doing this, we can be of assistance to whatever needs they may have to achieve success in their projects.

Our Clients Say It Best

We love knowing how much we have helped our clients to take their business to the next level by giving them peace of mind and more free time to do what they love. 

We’ll let their words speak for themselves!