Why I Love Live Free Virtual Services: A Virtual Assistant’s Journey

There is no doubt that working as a Virtual Assistant has its benefits and drawbacks. Nowadays, many are shifting to this line of work because of the pandemic and the convenience it provides.  

Imagine working from home, not having to stress out over commuting to work or even dressing up for it, wouldn’t that be awesome? Kidding aside though, being a virtual assistant has changed many people’s lives for the better by giving them more freedom in their career, having more time with their family and hobbies while earning more.  

Working as a Virtual Assistant 

One of the exceptional Virtual Assistants that Live Free Virtual Services is proud of is Micah Rico, our resident Recruitment Assistant.  

Micah started her Virtual Assistant career last October 2021 by working as a Web Developer and Data Entry Assistant.  

The benefit of having the freedom to choose where to work and whom to work with drove Micah to decide to be a Virtual Assistant. Her passion for helping other people precedes her goals of sharing her knowledge and expertise to contribute to her clients’ business success. On top of it all, being able to do what you are passionate about at a paid rate that reflects your skills and worth is a fulfilling journey.  

Benefits of Working from Home 

Just like business owners getting the benefits of having a VA (Virtual Assistant) in their business, Virtual Assistants also reap the advantage of working from home.  

One of these benefits is being able to be with the family ALL THE TIME. Micah is enjoying this benefit, same as every Virtual Assistant. Having flexibility and time in your hands is a great motivator in the quality and efficiency of your work. To add to that, the hassle of going through heavy traffic to go to work is eliminated, hence you have more time, and you can save money.  

Every Virtual Assistant Has Their Own Expertise 

Being in the Virtual Assistance industry opens you to vast opportunities for upscaling your skills. Often, VAs pursue their passions once becoming a VA, something most have difficulty doing in a regular work setup.  

By being with Live Free Virtual Services, Micah has gained several skills that she has been continuously using to add value to her client’s business. Micah has all-around experience in lead generation, SEO, Sales and Marketing, Recruitment, Web Development, Content Creation, Social Media Management, IT support, Project Management, Cold Calling, Customer Service, just to name a few.  

The Start of Your LFVS Journey  

Live Free Virtual Services is new in the industry but is proud of the value and energy its Virtual Assistants provide to their clients.  

Micah has been one of the Virtual Assistants who has seen the growth of Live Free Virtual Services. She started out as a corporate employee and delved into Virtual Assistance through Live Free Virtual Services.  

Much like how we usually find a job nowadays, Micah found a job posting from LFVS through Facebook and thought to give it a go. An enjoyable and smooth recruitment process is what started her with a fulfilling journey with Live Free Virtual Services. Proud of being one of the pioneer VAs, Micah appreciates being a part of growth of LFVS and her clients. Constant appreciation and recognition of her commendable work is what drives her to improve and provide value.  

After being able to start a career working from home as a Virtual Assistant, Micah has started appreciating the freedom and flexibility of being one.  

It’s how I can stay creative, flexible with my workday, and have a work/live balance on my terms. It keeps me nimble without feeling trapped by a dull routine and boredom. Being a VA demands that I think outside the box, and I am continually inspired by what my clients are doing with their passion. And it’s cool to be a part of that and support them in ways that make a difference.” 

Why Do I Love Live Free Virtual Services 

Live Free Virtual Services lives by the belief of freedom and growth, not just to its clients but its Virtual Assistants as well.  

Micah is one notable example of the culture that Live Free Virtual Services promotes in its workspace.  

I love the people in LFVS, especially Amber. I love the environment; everyone is always willing to help and share their knowledge. LFVS has a positive environment, transparent and open communication, and a strong team spirit that allows all VAs to provide growth solutions to business owners and help them LIVE FREE. I think the great asset of LFVS is that people are easy to work with, skilled, and experts on what they do, and we are not just VAs but also a family.” 

LFVS Virtual Assistant


Diane is a mother of 3 who juggles doing her passion and taking care of her kids. She loves challenges that can add to her quest to always learn more. Diane is a fan of reading and hoards physical and digital books, both fiction and nonfiction. As a Social Media Assistant, she believes and finds immense opportunities in helping businesses by the use of Social Media Marketing. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Diane is a believer that effective communication is one of the keys to success.