Why a Virtual Assistant Agency is Always Better than Independent Virtual Assistants

If you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to help you save time and grow your business, where should you look? Should you hire through a virtual assistant agency or take your chances with an independent virtual assistant?

If you’re thinking of hiring a VA, you should consider getting one through a virtual assistant agency. Let’s get into why hiring from a virtual assistant agency is your safest bet.


They have access to more skilled VAs than freelancers do.

The most important thing about hiring an independent contractor is vetting their skills and experience first and foremost. If any issues arise with their work quality, the agency can step in quickly and resolve them before they become too big of a problem for both parties involved in the contract arrangement.

Hiring from a Virtual Assistant Agency is more professional.

When hiring an independent VA, things can get dicey fast. You don’t know how many other clients they have or what their schedule is like — all this creates an environment where it could be hard for them to deliver on time, if at all.

Agency VAs have contracts.

Agency VAs have clear contracts that outline what they will do for you and when they need it. You also have access to their past work history so that if something goes wrong or takes longer than expected, there is documentation.

Accurate matching of VA

Virtual assistant companies are great because they match you with someone with the experience and skills to help you with your tasks. They do this by vetting candidates through an in-depth interview process, background check, and reference check. When you hire from an agency, they will match you with a VA who has been vetted and pre-screened by their team of experts. This means that they have already taken the time to look at the candidate’s resume and portfolio, ensuring they have the experience and skills needed to help with your tasks.

It’s risky to find a reliable, independent Virtual Assistant.

If you were to hire directly through a freelance marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr, there is no guarantee that the person who responds to your job posting will be as qualified as advertised. In fact, many people use these platforms to find new clients without having any real experience or expertise in their field.


Final Thoughts

Indeed, it’s risky to rely on hiring an independent virtual assistant. An agency VA may appear to be more expensive at first, but once you begin working with virtual assistants who have been pre-screened, pre-vetted, and come with a dedicated support team, you’ll realize that the extra benefits and precautions (as well as your peace of mind) are well worth it.

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