Importance of Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners



What is a Virtual Assistant? 


Virtual assistance is an umbrella term for numerous services one can offer to business owners. The main categories include administrative, creative, management, data, and sales.

To make it simple, if someone is providing a service remotely to another business owner, they technically fall under the virtual assistant umbrella.

Virtual Assistance has been an ongoing service for quite some time but is becoming increasingly popular. Hiring a VA and delegating tasks can help cut costs as well as make your business and personal life more manageable.



Services a Virtual Assistant Can Offer:



What are the benefits of hiring a VA for small business owners?


Hiring virtual assistants for business start-ups is one of the most efficient moves a business owner can make. It can cut operating costs as your assistant is working remotely at home. There will be no rental fee for office space, electricity, internet, and even office supply bills.

Learning how to delegate your tasks to your assistant is also an important matter in hiring a VA. Delegating tasks can make you more productive while focusing on doing the work to explore more business opportunities.

The delegation will lead to having more time for yourself. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to accomplish tasks when you can hire a VA.

VA Rates


Virtual assistants are typically charged by the hour. The reason for this is that there is no set duration a particular task may take. Having an hourly rate is the most cost and time-efficient for both parties.

Virtual Assistants are self-employed, because of this, around 30% of their income will go towards taxes. Furthermore, depending on if the VA is domestic or non-domestic, the hourly rate varies.

How LFVS Can Help?


At Live Free Virtual Services (LFVS), we promote the growth of small business owners by pairing them with a Rockstar Virtual Assistant (VA) that perfectly matches their needs.

LFVS’s priority is to offer small business owners a portfolio of enterprise solutions to achieve successful and scalable results. We strive to have a customer-centered approach that helps to develop a winning plan for the success of your business.

At its core, that is what LFVS is all about. We ensure your businesses achieve the desired outcome with the help of our specialized virtual assistance. Take it to the next level! Contact us now and learn how we can help you transform your business into a success.


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