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Women’s History Month 2022: Inspiring Women of Our Century

Mar 13, 2022 by admin

Women's History Month 2022: Inspiring Women of Our Century

Women's History Month 2022: Inspiring Women of Our Century

National Women’s History Month is an annual celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture, and society. It was first celebrated in 1978 and observed every year since then. The month of March was chosen to commemorate the birthday of both Abraham Lincoln and Susan B. Anthony. 

The importance of National Women’s History Month ensure that women’s contributions are recognized and remembered. It also helps to inspire future generations of women to achieve their dreams and goals. This month is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout history and reflect on how far we have come. It is also an opportunity to look ahead to the future and think about promoting gender equality. 

Notable Women Who Have Made Significant Contributions to Society


Notable women who have made significant contributions to society include Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Malala Yousafzai.

Maya Angelou was a renowned poet and author who advocated for civil rights and equality. Oprah Winfrey is a television producer and talk show host who has championed education and empowerment for women. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Supreme Court Justice who has fought for gender equality. Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist who has campaigned for girls’ education rights. 

Each of these women has made a unique and significant contribution to society and their stories inspire all women. By recognizing the achievements of these remarkable women, we can help build a community that is fairer and more inclusive for everyone. We can also learn from their examples and work to contribute to society. 


Women are breaking barriers and achieving great things every day. Despite the obstacles they face, they continue to push boundaries and make strides in their respective fields. 


One such woman is Aisha Sultan, a journalist and author who has made a name for herself in the media world. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Sultan graduated from Stanford University and Columbia Journalism School. After working as a reporter for several years, she became a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 2013. Despite being a Muslim woman in a predominantly white, Christian town, Sultan has never shied away from tackling controversial topics. 

In her column, Sultan often writes about the experiences of Muslim Americans and the challenges they face. She also provides a voice for people who are often ignored or marginalized and has been a vocal opponent of Islamophobia. In 2016, she was awarded the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for her work in highlighting the positive contributions of Muslims in America. 

Aisha Sultan is just one example of the many incredible women making a difference in the world. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination, and it serves as an inspiration to all women. We should all aim to be as courageous as the Sultan and strive for progress and equality. 

It’s no secret that women are changing the world for the better. Whether it’s through their work as politicians, scientists, or entrepreneurs, women are making a real impact on society. 

Even more impressive is that many of these changes are happening at a grassroots level. Women are starting businesses and non-profits, running for office, and raising their voices on behalf of social justice. 

One great example of this is the work being done by the group Collective Action for Safe Spaces (CASS). CASS is a Washington D.C.-based organization that works to end sexual violence in public spaces. The group was founded in 2010 by three women who were fed up with how sexual violence was being ignored or dismissed. 

 Since then, CASS has grown into a national organization with chapters in cities across the United States. They provide training and support for survivors of sexual violence and education and advocacy for public policy reform. 

CASS is especially impressive because they are led entirely by women. This provides a unique perspective on the issue of sexual violence and allows them to connect with survivors in a way that male-led organizations often can’t. 

Women are making a difference in their communities by taking on leadership roles and making their neighborhood a better place to live. There are many ways that women can make a difference, such as through activism, volunteering, and fundraising. 

One woman who is making a difference in her community is Jasmine Burton. When she was just 21 years old, Jasmine founded Wish for WASH, dedicated to educating and innovating in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector. Since its inception, Wish for WASH has impacted over 1.5 million people in over 20 countries. Burton was inspired to start the organization after a trip to Africa, where she saw the effects of poor sanitation and hygiene on people’s lives. 

Today, Wish for WASH is a leading provider of WASH education and training and has developed innovative new technologies to improve WASH access and affordability. Burton is a powerful example of how young women can make a real difference in the world. 

Women are inspiring other women to achieve their dreams. When women see other women succeed, it encourages them to reach their own goals. Women are powerful and capable leaders, and by working together, we can make a real difference in our communities and the world. 

Join us in celebrating National Women’s History Month with Live Free Virtual Services!

Our team is committed to helping you live your best life. We provide online and remote services that make life easier for women of all ages. Whether you need help with technology, organization, or need someone to talk to, we’re here for you.

Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you live your best life. 

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Boss Ladies: Inspiring Women and their Success Stories

Mar 13, 2022 by admin

Boss Ladies: Inspiring Women and their Success Stories

Boss Ladies: Inspiring Women and their Success Stories

What does it take to be a woman entrepreneur? Successful women come from all walks of life and have overcome many challenges, yet they share some fundamental commonalities. These inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs provide motivation and insight for anyone starting a business. There is no one “right” way to become a successful businesswoman, but these ladies prove that anything is possible with dedication and hard work. These women are fantastic role models for any entrepreneur, from bootstrapping their businesses to working against the odds. Keep reading to learn about some of the most inspiring women entrepreneurs around! 

Jacqueline Whitmore is a successful businesswoman, author, and motivational speaker. After working in the corporate world for over 20 years, she started her own company. 

Whitmore is now the founder and CEO of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, an internationally recognized etiquette training school. She is also the author of “Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work” and has spoken at numerous conferences and events worldwide. 

What makes Whitmore successful? Above all, she is a highly motivated individual who always strives to improve herself. She is also a great listener and has a deep understanding of business and etiquette. These skills have helped her build a successful company from the ground up. 

Whitmore has faced many challenges in her career, but she has always overcome them. For example, when she first started her business, she had to work hard to get the word out and attract customers. She also had to learn how to manage her own time and finances, which is difficult for solo entrepreneurs. 

However, Whitmore was up for the challenge and eventually achieved the level of success that she desired. Today, she is a role model for other women entrepreneurs on top of her company being well-known and respected worldwide.  

Like Jacqueline Whitmore, Cynthia Stine has also had a successful career in business. She is the President and CEO of eGrowth partners, a successful Amazon expert, a sought-after speaker, and the author of the top-selling books titled “Make Thousands on Amazon in 10 Hours a Week!” and “The Unofficial Guide to Selling on Amazon.” Stine is highly motivated and thriving because of her passion for helping small businesses. She has a deep understanding of the Amazon platform and uses her expertise to help business owners achieve success. 

 Both women started their businesses from scratch and turned them into successful enterprises. They are a testament that anyone can achieve great things with hard work, determination, and a bit of creativity. If you’re feeling inspired by these two successful women entrepreneurs, don’t hesitate to reach out for help!  

At Live Free Virtual Services, we can provide you with the guidance and support you need to achieve your business goals. We offer a wide range of services to help you grow and succeed in your business. So, if you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free discovery call. We would be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help you achieve your success stories. 

The Amazing Woman Behind the Live Free Advocacy

Mar 12, 2022 by admin

The Amazing Woman Behind the Live Free Advocacy

The Amazing Woman Behind the Live Free Advocacy

In honor of Women’s History Month, it is essential to remember and celebrate the amazing women who have made great strides throughout history. One such woman is the founder of Live Free Virtual Services, which provides online support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. This company was founded in 2020 by a woman who had the vision to help others achieve their goals and dreams. Live Free Virtual Services is not just a company by itself, but an advocacy that helps small business owners manage their business operations smoothly with the aid of highly skilled virtual assistants.  

Live Free Virtual Services is now one of the fastest-growing virtual service companies for small businesses and individuals across North America. What’s even more impressive is that this company has achieved all of this in such a short amount of time, thanks to the amazing woman behind it all—Amber McClure. 

Since its inception, Live Free Virtual Services has helped countless people start and grow their businesses. Amber is a tireless advocate for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and is always looking for new ways to help them succeed. She has always had a passion for helping others, so she started her own business. Amber truly believes in the power of virtual services and she is committed to helping small businesses and individuals succeed. 

After encountering the dilemma of handling the admin tasks for her father’s business, Amber quickly realized that she needed to delegate to maintain balance in her own life. This led to the creation of Live Free Virtual Services – a company that helps other businesses manage their admin tasks, so they can focus on what they’re good at. Amber is dedicated to helping others achieve success and firmly believes that delegating tasks is the key to doing just that. 

What Makes Live Free Virtual Services Successful? 

Amber McClure believes that the foundation of a successful virtual assistant company is providing excellent customer service. “To be successful, you have to provide an excellent customer experience,” she says. 

“This means being responsive to clients, meeting deadlines, and going above and beyond to help them succeed.” 

Amber also believes in setting clear boundaries with clients. “I let them know what I can and cannot do, and I make sure they are aware of my rates.” 

This approach has helped her build a successful business based on trust and respect.

What are the Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant can provide a multitude of benefits for your business. They can help you manage your schedule, keep track of your to-do list, and handle tasks that you don’t have time for. They can also help you improve your productivity and efficiency. By outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant, you can focus on your passion which is why you started the business. 

Virtual assistants can also save money. By outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant, you can reduce your time on administrative tasks thus, freeing up your time to focus on more important things, such as growing your business. Another positive, a virtual assistant can eliminate the cost of providing office space and supplies. It’s a win-win!  

Virtual assistants can also help you improve your customer service. By outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant, you can reduce your time on customer service tasks. This can free up your time to focus on more important things, such as developing new products or services. By providing quality customer service, you can improve your business’s reputation and attract new customers. 

How can you get started? 

Live Free Virtual Services is a company that specializes in providing entrepreneurs with the resources they need to get their businesses started. We can provide you with everything from creating a business plan to setting up your website. We also offer a wide range of services to further the growth of your business. Book a discovery call today to find out how we can best support your business growth. 


How Can We Help You: LFVS Key Services

Mar 10, 2022 by admin

How We Can Help You: LFVS Key Services

How We Can Help You: LFVS Key Services

Starting a business on your own can be a daunting task. There are many things to think about, from setting up your finances and marketing your business to creating a product or service that people will want to buy. It can be tough to know where to begin and even more challenging to keep track of everything you need to do. And it is even harder to acknowledge that you need help in doing all these.

The secret to success in business is as challenging and straightforward as the answer to a riddle. What has four letters but can’t be said? A word that starts with “s.”  

SUCCESS. The key to achieving it is not always easy, but it’s straightforward: know who you are and what you want out of life and then relentlessly pursue it.  

That’s where we come in. 

At LFVS, we are experts in helping business owners and entrepreneurs identify their passions and craft strategies to achieve them. We provide a wide range of services to help you take your business to the next level. 

 Our key services include: 

General Administrative Services 

Electronically filing receipts, payments, and other project-related paperwork, Email, Calendar, Phone, CRM and General Administrative Management so that you can focus on doing the work you love. 

Marketing Services 

Designing and managing digital marketing, social media strategy, advertising, websites, and landing pages to assist in gathering more business for your company. 

Sales and Lead Generation Services 

Targeting and nurturing leads is a must for small business owners like you. Generating more customers for your business is not a problem anymore!  

Professional Industry Services 

Delegating your tasks to your professional virtual assistant who has an exemplary background with Medical, Real-Estate, Insurance, and Finance. Save more money by outsourcing a virtual assistant from us! 

Online Business Management Services 

Managing Projects, Operations, Metrics, and People so that you can get your jobs done efficiently. 

We hope you will take advantage of our key services to help you work and live more efficiently—our qualified professionals are dedicated to helping your business succeed.  


Benefits of Working with Us 

There are several benefits to working with LFVS. One of the most important benefits is that we have a team of experienced and qualified professionals to help you achieve your desired results. We also have a wide range of services that we offer, which means that we can meet your needs no matter what they are. Additionally, we are a full-service agency, which means we can care for your marketing needs. 

Another benefit of working with LFVS is that we are always up-to-date on the latest industry trends and changes. We use this knowledge to create effective and innovative marketing campaigns for our clients. Furthermore, we have some resources at our disposal that we can use to help you achieve your desired results. 

If you are looking for an effective and reliable partner to help you find the best Virtual Assistant for your business needs, then LFVS is a perfect choice. We have a proven track record of success and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. 

If you want to know more about us or if you want to start working with us, please book a Discovery Call. You can also find more information on our website 

How Outsourcing Through Live Free Virtual Services Could Scale Your Small Business

Mar 8, 2022 by admin

How Outsourcing Through Live Free Virtual Services Could Scale Your Small Business

How Outsourcing Through Live Free Virtual Services Could Scale Your Small Business

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services or create goods that were traditionally performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff, It may take place in any industry, but its most common usage refers to the business practice of contracting out an organization’s operational tasks and responsibilities to another company. Outsourcing can involve manufacturing, logistics, call centers, engineering design, and other services. The concept can be applied domestically or internationally, which means transferring work outside one country for completion at a lower cost with higher quality standards. 


Why Outsource NOW?

There are several reasons why you may need to outsource your work. Perhaps you don’t have the time or resources to complete a project independently. Outsourcing can also be cost-effective to get projects done quickly and efficiently. You can avoid costly mistakes by outsourcing to a qualified professional and ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget. 

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s essential to maintain a robust online presence. You can ensure that your website is professionally designed and optimized for search engines by outsourcing your website design and development work to a qualified professional. Outsourcing also allows you to focus on your core business activities and leave the experts’ website design and development work. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve your business, outsourcing may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Outsourcing can help you save time and money while still delivering quality results. Contact us today to learn more about our outsourcing services and how we can help your business grow. 



The Different Types of Outsourcing  

When it comes to outsourcing, there are three different types: tactical, operational, and strategic. Tactical outsourcing is when a company contracts out a specific task needed to meet a short-term goal. Operational outsourcing is when a company contracts out a particular function or process required to complete a long-term goal. Strategic outsourcing is when a company contracts out the entire operation or part of the procedure to an external supplier. 

Which type of outsourcing is best for your business? That depends on your business’s needs and goals. If you need a specific task done to meet a short-term goal, then tactical outsourcing might be the best option for you. If you need a particular function or process done to meet a long-term goal, operational outsourcing is the way to go. If you need to outsource the entire operation or part of the operation, then strategic outsourcing might be a better alternative. 

No matter which type of outsourcing you choose, it’s essential to research and find a supplier that can meet your needs. Make sure to ask questions about the supplier’s experience, capabilities, and track record. It would be best to ask about the supplier’s terms and conditions, including pricing, delivery timeframes, and quality guarantees. You can find a supplier that will help your business achieve its goals by doing your homework. 


Benefits of Outsourcing a Virtual Assistant   

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant is a great way to save time and money while increasing your focus and productivity. Virtual assistants offer a wide range of services so that you can find a good fit for your specific needs. They can help you with anything from basic admin tasks to more specialized content writing or social media management. 

Emotional benefits of outsourcing include feeling relieved that you don’t have to take on extra work while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tasks are being handled by a professional. You will experience a sense of relief and freedom when you delegate tasks that no longer make sense for you to do yourself. Outsourcing also gives you extra time to focus on essential things. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your productivity and reduce stress, consider outsourcing to a virtual assistant. 


How to Find the Virtual Assistant for YOU 


When looking for a virtual assistant, it is vital to find a good fit for your needs. Some of the things you should consider: 

Once you have narrowed down your options, it is crucial to interview the virtual assistants to see if they are fit. Be sure to ask them questions about their experience, availability, and what they can do to help you. It would help if you also asked for references to check out. 

Finding the best virtual assistant can take some time, but it is worth it in the end. By taking the time to find the right one, you will get assistance with the things you need and free up your time to do other necessary tasks. 

Live Free Virtual Services is a virtual service provider that offers companies the tools to make their remote teams more productive. If you are interested in getting started, please book your discovery call today! During this time, we can discuss what Live Free Virtual Services has to offer and see if we can be your growth solution. We also answer any questions by email, so don’t hesitate to ask away! 

What is a Virtual Assistant and the Benefits of Having One

Mar 8, 2022 by admin

What is a Virtual Assistant and the Benefits of Having One

What is a Virtual Assistant and the Benefits of Having One

Virtual assistants work remotely from their homes and provide assistance in their area of expertise for companies. They typically perform various skills such as data entry, transcription, customer service, marketing support, and much more. 

The term “virtual assistant” is used loosely in the business world because there is no clear-cut definition of what they do or how much training they need for the job. The best way to find out if you have the skills required for this type of position is by contacting potential employers directly and asking them about their specific needs. 


The Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant  


Virtual assistants provide a valuable service to businesses by helping them to stay organized and productive. They can take on a wide range of tasks allowing business owners to focus on their core business activities. Virtual assistants typically work from home, which means they have flexible hours and can often accommodate last-minute requests. 

If you’re looking for a position that allows you to work remotely and offers much flexibility, then a virtual assistant job may be the perfect fit for you. Here are some of the benefits of working as a virtual assistant: 


Flexible Hours

One of the most significant benefits of being a virtual assistant is its flexibility. You can often work from home, which means you can set your hours. This is ideal for people who want to balance work with other commitments or who need to travel frequently. 


Variety of Tasks

As a virtual assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to do various tasks. This can range from data entry and transcription to social media management and customer service. This means you won’t get bored with your job and will learn new skills. 


Remote Work Options 

More and more businesses are allowing employees to work remotely and as a virtual assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of this trend. This means you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. 


Faster Hiring Process 

Since there’s no need to interview virtual assistants in person, the hiring process is typically much faster than other jobs. This means you can start working sooner and have a greater chance of securing the job you want. 



How to find the right Virtual Assistant for your business?  


The business world is constantly changing and expanding. The need for a virtual assistant is becoming popular and steadily growing as more businesses go global. Especially VAs that can provide specialized services in various languages and cultures are increasing in demand. At the same time, advances in technology have made it possible for VAs to work from anywhere globally, which has opened up the market for VA services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

So how do you find a suitable VA for your business? The first step is to understand what type of VA you need. There are three basic types of VAs: administrative, creative, and technical. Administrative VAs provide support with bookkeeping, data entry, and customer service. Creative VAs provide support with copywriting, graphic design, and social media management tasks. Technical VAs support functions such as website development, programming, and SEO. 

Once you understand the type of VA you need, the next step is to research different agencies or individuals who offer those services. It’s crucial to vet any potential VA provider thoroughly before hiring them. Ask for referrals from other business owners and check online reviews to get a sense of past clients’ thoughts of the provider’s services. 

Once you’ve found a few good candidates, the next step is to interview them. Be sure to ask questions about their experience, skills, and availability. It’s also essential to get a sense of the provider’s personality and whether you think you’ll be able to work well together. 

Finding the right Virtual Assistant for your business can be tricky, but it’s well worth the effort. By taking the time to research different providers and interview several candidates, you’re sure to find someone who can help you take your business to the next level. 


Why should you outsource your administrative tasks?  


No one is born with a fully-formed brain. We acquire skills and knowledge as we grow and sometimes this process can go wrong. One of the most pernicious problems that people face is what’s known as “executive function disorder.” It happens when your brain tries to do too many things at once or when it’s trying to multitask inappropriately. When this happens, you can become easily overwhelmed, stressed, and your productivity can plummet.

One of the best ways to prevent executive function disorder (and the stress that comes with it) is to outsource some of your administrative tasks. When you offload some of your work to someone else, you give your brain a break and allow it to focus on more important things. This can lead to a dramatic increase in productivity and decreased stress levels. 

Outsourcing your administrative tasks is also a great way to save time and money. By hiring a Virtual Assistant, you can get the help you need without hiring a full-time employee. VAs are also typically much more affordable than traditional office assistants. 


How to get started with a Virtual Assistant? 


Live Free Virtual Services is an excellent option if you’re looking to get started with a virtual assistant. We provide a wide range of services to help you get started and our team of experienced professionals is here to help you every step of the way. 

To get started, visit our website and browse through our services. You can choose the service that’s right for you or contact us for a customized solution. We’ll work with you to create a plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals. 

Once you’ve chosen your service, we’ll provide you with everything you need to get started. You’ll receive access to our online training course, where you’ll learn how to use our system and get the most out of your virtual assistant. You’ll also receive a personal mentor who will help you get started and answer any questions you may have. 

If you’re looking for a reliable, affordable way to get help with your business, Live Free Virtual Services is the perfect solution. Book a discovery call today to learn more and get started! 

Why I Love Live Free Virtual Services: A Virtual Assistant’s Journey

Feb 15, 2022 by admin

Why I Love Live Free Virtual Services: A Virtual Assistant’s Journey

There is no doubt that working as a Virtual Assistant has its benefits and drawbacks. Nowadays, many are shifting to this line of work because of the pandemic and the convenience it provides.  

Imagine working from home, not having to stress out over commuting to work or even dressing up for it, wouldn’t that be awesome? Kidding aside though, being a virtual assistant has changed many people’s lives for the better by giving them more freedom in their career, having more time with their family and hobbies while earning more.  

Working as a Virtual Assistant 

One of the exceptional Virtual Assistants that Live Free Virtual Services is proud of is Micah Rico, our resident Recruitment Assistant.  

Micah started her Virtual Assistant career last October 2021 by working as a Web Developer and Data Entry Assistant.  

The benefit of having the freedom to choose where to work and whom to work with drove Micah to decide to be a Virtual Assistant. Her passion for helping other people precedes her goals of sharing her knowledge and expertise to contribute to her clients’ business success. On top of it all, being able to do what you are passionate about at a paid rate that reflects your skills and worth is a fulfilling journey.  

Benefits of Working from Home 

Just like business owners getting the benefits of having a VA (Virtual Assistant) in their business, Virtual Assistants also reap the advantage of working from home.  

One of these benefits is being able to be with the family ALL THE TIME. Micah is enjoying this benefit, same as every Virtual Assistant. Having flexibility and time in your hands is a great motivator in the quality and efficiency of your work. To add to that, the hassle of going through heavy traffic to go to work is eliminated, hence you have more time, and you can save money.  

Every Virtual Assistant Has Their Own Expertise 

Being in the Virtual Assistance industry opens you to vast opportunities for upscaling your skills. Often, VAs pursue their passions once becoming a VA, something most have difficulty doing in a regular work setup.  

By being with Live Free Virtual Services, Micah has gained several skills that she has been continuously using to add value to her client’s business. Micah has all-around experience in lead generation, SEO, Sales and Marketing, Recruitment, Web Development, Content Creation, Social Media Management, IT support, Project Management, Cold Calling, Customer Service, just to name a few.  

The Start of Your LFVS Journey  

Live Free Virtual Services is new in the industry but is proud of the value and energy its Virtual Assistants provide to their clients.  

Micah has been one of the Virtual Assistants who has seen the growth of Live Free Virtual Services. She started out as a corporate employee and delved into Virtual Assistance through Live Free Virtual Services.  

Much like how we usually find a job nowadays, Micah found a job posting from LFVS through Facebook and thought to give it a go. An enjoyable and smooth recruitment process is what started her with a fulfilling journey with Live Free Virtual Services. Proud of being one of the pioneer VAs, Micah appreciates being a part of growth of LFVS and her clients. Constant appreciation and recognition of her commendable work is what drives her to improve and provide value.  

After being able to start a career working from home as a Virtual Assistant, Micah has started appreciating the freedom and flexibility of being one.  

It’s how I can stay creative, flexible with my workday, and have a work/live balance on my terms. It keeps me nimble without feeling trapped by a dull routine and boredom. Being a VA demands that I think outside the box, and I am continually inspired by what my clients are doing with their passion. And it’s cool to be a part of that and support them in ways that make a difference.” 

Why Do I Love Live Free Virtual Services 

Live Free Virtual Services lives by the belief of freedom and growth, not just to its clients but its Virtual Assistants as well.  

Micah is one notable example of the culture that Live Free Virtual Services promotes in its workspace.  

I love the people in LFVS, especially Amber. I love the environment; everyone is always willing to help and share their knowledge. LFVS has a positive environment, transparent and open communication, and a strong team spirit that allows all VAs to provide growth solutions to business owners and help them LIVE FREE. I think the great asset of LFVS is that people are easy to work with, skilled, and experts on what they do, and we are not just VAs but also a family.” 

LFVS Virtual Assistant


Diane is a mother of 3 who juggles doing her passion and taking care of her kids. She loves challenges that can add to her quest to always learn more. Diane is a fan of reading and hoards physical and digital books, both fiction and nonfiction. As a Social Media Assistant, she believes and finds immense opportunities in helping businesses by the use of Social Media Marketing. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Diane is a believer that effective communication is one of the keys to success.

Outsourcing Possibilities: Hire a Virtual Assistant

Feb 5, 2022 by admin

Outsourcing Possibilities: Hire a Virtual Assistant



Why Hire a Virtual Assistant ? 


Although Virtual Assistance has been an ongoing service for quite some time, many business owners are still skeptical and/or unfamiliar with how it works. To add to it, there is also a belief of it being too much of a hassle or too costly. 

Contrary to those beliefs, hiring your very own virtual assistant can be a huge help in increased productivity while cutting down cost and time. According to statistics, a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year (10 Virtual Assistant Statistics Every Freelancer Must Know in 2021 – Best of Budgets).

Not having to pay for equipment and an office space as a business owner is an added perk. Additionally, a Virtual Assistant would need little to no training because of their experience and expertise in their field of work that you can utilize for your business. 

Outsourcing and delegating tasks is a great help in improving the efficiency of your business. Over 37% of small enterprises outsource mainly to improve efficiency. (Fortunly, 2021) (https://financesonline.com/crucial-small-business-statistics). And what best way to do so but by hiring your very own virtual assistant.


Common Services Business Owners Outsource


In 2021, data shows that small business owners’ most outsourced services are Accounting and IT tasks at 37%, followed by Digital Marketing at 34% and HR at 28%. (Fortunly, 2021) (https://financesonline.com/crucial-small-business-statistics) 

This shows that there are an array of options and expertise of services you can have help with in your business. The current pandemic has pushed most businesses into working from home, giving spotlight to remote tools and applications that can help with common to complex business tasks.

Find Help Through Live Free Virtual Services


Why partner with a virtual assistance agency? 

Having an agency to help you find the right virtual assistant for your business needs has its benefits. Live Free Virtual Services takes pride in the streamlined and updated process it provides in understanding the needs of the business owner, finding the virtual assistant and onboarding them. 

Live Free Virtual Services’ efficient process consists of a discovery call, proposal and talent selfie, candidate search, client interview, the client selects their perfect VA, finalizing documentation, scheduling a kick-off call, and check-in process. 

As a business owner, you can skip the extensive process of finding candidates, writing job descriptions, posting, verifying candidates with their resume, and interviewing with the help of Live Free Virtual Services. Live Free Virtual Services is your greatest ally in ensuring a smooth process of finding the best virtual assistant for your business needs. Having a virtual assistant is a great way to spend less money and
time for increased results. 



LFVS Virtual Assistant


Diane is a mother of 3 who juggles doing her passion and taking care of her kids. She loves challenges that can add to her quest to always learn more. Diane is a fan of reading and hoards physical and digital books, both fiction and nonfiction. As a Social Media Assistant, she believes and finds immense opportunities in helping businesses by the use of Social Media Marketing. With a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Diane is a believer that effective communication is one of the keys to success.

Importance of Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners

Importance of Virtual Assistants for Small Business Owners



What is a Virtual Assistant? 


Virtual assistance is an umbrella term for numerous services one can offer to business owners. The main categories include administrative, creative, management, data, and sales.

To make it simple, if someone is providing a service remotely to another business owner, they technically fall under the virtual assistant umbrella.

Virtual Assistance has been an ongoing service for quite some time but is becoming increasingly popular. Hiring a VA and delegating tasks can help cut costs as well as make your business and personal life more manageable.



Services a Virtual Assistant Can Offer:



What are the benefits of hiring a VA for small business owners?


Hiring virtual assistants for business start-ups is one of the most efficient moves a business owner can make. It can cut operating costs as your assistant is working remotely at home. There will be no rental fee for office space, electricity, internet, and even office supply bills.

Learning how to delegate your tasks to your assistant is also an important matter in hiring a VA. Delegating tasks can make you more productive while focusing on doing the work to explore more business opportunities.

The delegation will lead to having more time for yourself. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to accomplish tasks when you can hire a VA.

VA Rates


Virtual assistants are typically charged by the hour. The reason for this is that there is no set duration a particular task may take. Having an hourly rate is the most cost and time-efficient for both parties.

Virtual Assistants are self-employed, because of this, around 30% of their income will go towards taxes. Furthermore, depending on if the VA is domestic or non-domestic, the hourly rate varies.

How LFVS Can Help?


At Live Free Virtual Services (LFVS), we promote the growth of small business owners by pairing them with a Rockstar Virtual Assistant (VA) that perfectly matches their needs.

LFVS’s priority is to offer small business owners a portfolio of enterprise solutions to achieve successful and scalable results. We strive to have a customer-centered approach that helps to develop a winning plan for the success of your business.

At its core, that is what LFVS is all about. We ensure your businesses achieve the desired outcome with the help of our specialized virtual assistance. Take it to the next level! Contact us now and learn how we can help you transform your business into a success.


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