Outsourcing Possibilities: Hire a Virtual Assistant



Why Hire a Virtual Assistant ? 


Although Virtual Assistance has been an ongoing service for quite some time, many business owners are still skeptical and/or unfamiliar with how it works. To add to it, there is also a belief of it being too much of a hassle or too costly. 

Contrary to those beliefs, hiring your very own virtual assistant can be a huge help in increased productivity while cutting down cost and time. According to statistics, a virtual assistant can save you up to 78% on operating costs each year (10 Virtual Assistant Statistics Every Freelancer Must Know in 2021 – Best of Budgets).

Not having to pay for equipment and an office space as a business owner is an added perk. Additionally, a Virtual Assistant would need little to no training because of their experience and expertise in their field of work that you can utilize for your business. 

Outsourcing and delegating tasks is a great help in improving the efficiency of your business. Over 37% of small enterprises outsource mainly to improve efficiency. (Fortunly, 2021) (https://financesonline.com/crucial-small-business-statistics). And what best way to do so but by hiring your very own virtual assistant.


Common Services Business Owners Outsource


In 2021, data shows that small business owners’ most outsourced services are Accounting and IT tasks at 37%, followed by Digital Marketing at 34% and HR at 28%. (Fortunly, 2021) (https://financesonline.com/crucial-small-business-statistics) 

This shows that there are an array of options and expertise of services you can have help with in your business. The current pandemic has pushed most businesses into working from home, giving spotlight to remote tools and applications that can help with common to complex business tasks.

Find Help Through Live Free Virtual Services


Why partner with a virtual assistance agency? 

Having an agency to help you find the right virtual assistant for your business needs has its benefits. Live Free Virtual Services takes pride in the streamlined and updated process it provides in understanding the needs of the business owner, finding the virtual assistant and onboarding them. 

Live Free Virtual Services’ efficient process consists of a discovery call, proposal and talent selfie, candidate search, client interview, the client selects their perfect VA, finalizing documentation, scheduling a kick-off call, and check-in process. 

As a business owner, you can skip the extensive process of finding candidates, writing job descriptions, posting, verifying candidates with their resume, and interviewing with the help of Live Free Virtual Services. Live Free Virtual Services is your greatest ally in ensuring a smooth process of finding the best virtual assistant for your business needs. Having a virtual assistant is a great way to spend less money and
time for increased results. 



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